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The Legal Working Group (LWG) is the legal think tank of SCAPR, comprising mostly of people responsible in their respective societies for giving advice or making decisions in legal matters. The tasks of the LWG are partly consultative, partly innovative. Some matters are referred to the LWG, mostly from the Board but questions or problems from members are also invited (c.f. Art. 8 of the Statutes); some others however are examined upon its own initiative to find new answers. The nature of activities is perhaps best characterised by some of the LWG’s recent tasks:

  • Revision of the SCAPR Statutes
  • Revision of the SCAPR Policy and Guidelines (joint work with the RAWG)
  • Proposal and revision of databases service agreements
  • Proposal and revision of the databases Business Rules

Before being implemented, the work produced by the LWG is first endorsed by the Board and then presented for approval at the General Assembly. Once it is approved, it usually has a rather important impact on the operation of SCAPR.

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