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SCAPR cooperation with WIPO and ARIPO
Ms. Ntsietso Mokitimi-Makhofola from our South African member SAMPRA was attending on behalf of SCAPR a Sub-regional Conference on “Shaping the copyright and related rights landscape in Africa” in Harare, Zimbabwe. We are grateful for her participation in this important event and for being one of the conference facilitators.

SCAPR Fund for Ukraine – Let’s do an opera together!

SCAPR is pleased to share a reportage on a project organised by the Polish National Institute of Music and Dance, and supported by SCAPR.
In cooperation with Most the Most Foundation, the Institute organized a series of interdisciplinary educational workshops led by Ukrainian and Polish artists. As part of the activities, the children learned how to create sets, costumes, dance and sing, among other things. The finale of the project was a planned show of the opera “Zaporozhets beyond the Danube” by Semen Kulak-Artemovsky, realized under the direction of Mikhail Znaniecki. The show took place on August 13 at the Ossa Conference and Training Center near Warsaw.
Thanks to the financial support of SCAPR and in cooperation with its Polish member #STOART, the orchestra and chorus of the Kharkov Opera and Ballet Theater, whose headquarters were bombed by the Russians, were able to took part in the performance.
SCAPR would like to thank again its community of CMOs for their contribution to its Special Fund for Ukraine.

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