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The Business Operations Working Group (BWG) is comprised of experts on operational issues involved in the international exchange between societies. BWG participants bring a broad range of distribution practices and procedures to the roundtable, based on local law and technologies.

The main objective of the working group is to cooperate toward an optimal efficiency, transparency and harmonization of societies’ working methods and an increased flow of cross-border payments.

In this pursuit, the working group has provided the SCAPR community with a set of valuable tools and insights to aid in their local distributions and cross-border exchanges.

Over the years, the BWG has analysed and tackled different practical issues linked to:

  • implementing directives
  • harmonizing distribution calendars
  • membership principles
  • rights assignments/transfers
  • mandate territories and conflicts
  • role codes in relation to methods for calculation
  • common terminologies

and has produced such items as:

  • SCAPR Exchange Calendar
  • The Distribution Manual
  • Checklist for Closing Bilateral Agreements
  • Overview of Protected Repertoire
  • Overview of Data Exchange
  • Index of Role Codes
  • Conflicts treatment proposals
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