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The Cooperation and Development Working Group (CDWG) designs and coordinates cooperation activities in certain countries, aiming to support the implementation, development and collective management of performers’ rights. Such activities include training sessions, seminars and workshops, among others. The CDWG also elaborates basic documentation with educational purposes on performers’ rights and collective management, serving the mentioned objective.

The CDWG is comprised of experts engaged in the promotion and development of performers’ rights and their collective management worldwide. Some of its activities can be financed through the “SCAPR Cooperation and Development Fund”. SCAPR members also contribute to these activities by providing experts for missions, seminars and workshops, organizing training sessions as well as by mentoring new established and developing CMOs. These activities can be developed in cooperation with organisations such as WIPO, AEPO-ARTIS, LATIN-ARTIS, FILAIE, FIM, FIA, NORCODE…

In order to secure results, the CDWG follows up on all the ongoing initiatives, measuring the results on an annual basis and evaluating further needs.

Every new organisation of performers with the aim of collectively managing performers’ rights in the world is welcome to request the support of the SCAPR CDWG for development purposes.

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