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Working groups

The work within SCAPR is assisted by a number of working groups which go through various proposals to put forward as guidelines,
within their respective areas, in an effort to further international cooperation.
These working groups are as follows:

Business Operations Working Group (BWG)

The Business Operations Working Group (BWG) is comprised of experts on operational issues involved in the international exchange between societies. BWG participants bring a broad range of distribution practices and procedures to the roundtable, based on local law and technologies.

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Legal Working Group (LWG)

The Legal Working Group (LWG) is the legal think tank of SCAPR, comprising mostly of people responsible in their respective societies for giving advice or making decisions in legal matters. The tasks of the LWG are partly consultative, partly innovative. Some matters are referred to the LWG, mostly from the Board but questions or problems from members are also invited (c.f. Art. 8 of the Statutes);

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Cooperation & Development Working Group (CDWG)

The Cooperation and Development Working Group (CDWG) designs and coordinates cooperation activities in certain countries, aiming to support the implementation, development and collective management of performers’ rights. Such activities include training sessions, seminars and workshops, among others.

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Technical Working Group (TWG)

The Technical Working Group (TWG) is supporting the Databases Committee, the Board and SCAPR members in their technical developments. It has become a useful forum for technicians and distribution experts of member societies to exchange technical issues and knowledge.

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