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How to Join?

SCAPR includes two categories of members for Collective Management Organizations (CMOs): ordinary and associated

The application for membership shall be sent to the Board via the SCAPR Secretariat together with a copy of the statutes and regulations of the applying CMO including i.e. the distribution rules, the applicable tariffs, a list of signed reciprocal agreements, the report of activity for the previous year and the annual financial statements of the organization.

Please note that these documents must be provided in English.

The Organisation may admit as ordinary members CMOs, which:

  • are representative within the national territory for the performers’ statutory rights they administer,
  • are authorised by law or by way of assignment, licence or any other contractual arrangement to manage the rights assigned to them, for the benefit of these performers, as their sole or main purpose, and which fulfil both of the following criteria:
  • They are owned or controlled by their members;
  • They are organised on a not for profit basis.
  • directly or indirectly license performers’ rights and/or collect remuneration for performers,
  • distribute payments individually to the right owners – both to nationals and foreigners,
  • enter into and implement agreements for the exchange of remuneration with CMOs in other countries (bilateral agreements),
  • have established a database with pertinent recording data and of information on the remuneration they administer as well in relation to national as to foreign right owners by use of a recognised unique international performers´ identification number,
  • have available information on the actual use of fixed performances (national and international) by the existence of comprehensive play lists or documented surveys.

The acceptance of new ordinary members is decided by the General Assembly by a two-thirds majority upon proposal of the Board.

CMOs which do not fulfil the above conditions for ordinary membership can apply for associate membership. For more information, please refer to the SCAPR statutes and Code of Conduct.

Associated members shall fulfil the conditions for becoming ordinary members within the maximum period of 5 years. Associated membership for new members can be extended for a limited period on the recommendation of the Board based on specific justification and subject to the ratification of the General Assembly.

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