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SAMPRA (South Africa)

Pfanani Lishivha is the CEO of SAMPRA, a South African neighbouring rights CMO that was established in 2008. Among his qualifications, Pfanani has two Master’s degrees in policy development: Wits University, Johannesburg (1995), and Queen Mary University of London (2023). His dissertation when studying with Queen Mary University of London was on the administration of neighbouring rights in South Africa.

Prior to joining SAMPRA as CEO, Pfanani worked at ICASA, South Africa’s broadcasting and telecommunications regulator, as Senior Manager: Policy Development and Research. After leaving ICASA, he joined SAMRO, South Africa’s authors’ rights CMO, and held various executive roles in business development, performers’ rights, and customer services.

Since joining SAMPRA as CEO in 2017, SAMPRA has processed and distributed just above €100m of neighbouring rights royalties to SAMPRA members and sister CMOs with whom SAMPRA has reciprocal agreements (2024 Figures). He has been responsible for ensuring SAMPRA’s stability.

Pfanani was elected to the Board of SCAPR during the 49th General Assembly held in 2024.

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