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About us

SCAPR, the Societies’ Council for the Collective Management of Performers’ Rights was founded in 1986.

SCAPR is a not-for-profit organisation based in Brussels, Belgium. Operating as an international platform for the development of the practical cooperation between performers’ collective management organisations (CMOs), SCAPR strives to improve the exchange of data and performers’ rights payments across borders.

As an organisation we represent 57 CMO’s from 42 countries.

Our primary aim is to improve the efficiency of management of rights and the conclusion of bilateral agreements.

The organisation develops strategies, formats and administrative systems in relation to collecting and distributing payments to performers’. SCAPR also develops and manages databases (IPD and VRDB) and other technical systems housing information on performers and their performances for a more efficient international distribution of the collected payments, such tools being under the supervision of a dedicated Databases Committee. SCAPR provides also assistance for the exchange of information between CMOs via administrative procedures, legal proceedings/arbitrations, collecting procedures, publication of tariffs and distribution schemes.

More information can be found in the SCAPR statutes and Code of Conduct.

57 members
43 countries

Board Members

Databases Committee

SCAPR has developed several tools over the years which fall under the supervision of a dedicated Databases Committee (DC). Its mission is to ensure that the different tools contribute to the efficiency of collective management organizations (CMO’s) in administering performers’ rights. The DC reports to the Board about on-going projects and any technical issues which may hinder cross-border payments of SCAPR members. The DC is made up of 3 SCAPR Board members, 6 members societies and 2 representatives of SCAPR Secretariat. The DC works very closely with SCAPR’s Technical Working Group (TWG) and can rely on dedicated subcommittees constituted of experts from the SCAPR community.

The main tools developed and managed by the DC, so far, are the International Performers’ Database (IPD), and the Virtual Recording Database (VRDB). An outline of some of these projects can be seen under Tools/Projects.

General Assembly

Each year SCAPR holds a General Assembly for all of its’ members to discuss the activities and priorities of SCAPR and share information on issues and activities related to improving international co-operation for the benefit of collective management of performers’ rights. The next General Assembly will be held May 2022 in Roma, Italy.


Laura Canjura

Laura Canjura

Business Intelligence Developer & Data Analyst
Rémy Desrosiers

Rémy Desrosiers

Managing Director
Julio César Alvarez

Julio César Alvarez

IT Co-ordinator
Inès de Nervo

Inès de Nervo

Business Relationship Manager
Clémence Roux

Clémence Roux

Administration and Communications Assistant
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