Rights Administration Working Group (RAWG)

The work within SCAPR is assisted by a number of working groups which go through various proposals to put forward as guidelines, within their respective areas, in an effort to further international cooperation. These working groups are as follows:

The Rights and Administration Working Group (RAWG) is comprised of experts on operational issues involved in the international exchange between our societies. RAWG members bring a broad and contrasting range of local systems to the roundtable and the main aim for the working group is to cooperate toward a consistent improvement of the implementation of our reciprocal agreements, implying an increased flow of cross-border payments. In this pursuit, the working group has helped establish standards for the harmonization of practices, procedures, and formats, and has provided the SCAPR community with a set of valuable tools to aid in their own cross-border exchanges with one another. RAWG has over the years analyzed and tackled different practical issues linked to:

  • membership principles
  • rights assignments/transfers
  • mandate territories and conflicts
  • role codes in relation to methods for calculation
  • common terminologies;

and has produced such items as:

  • The Distribution Manual
  • Checklist for Closing Bilateral Agreements
  • Overview of Protected Repertoire
  • Overview of Data Exchange
  • Index of Role Codes.

Legal Working Group

The Legal Working Group (LWG) is the legal think tank of SCAPR, comprising mostly of people responsible in their respective societies for giving advice or making decisions  in legal matters. The tasks of the LWG are partly consultative, partly innovative. Some matters are referred to the LWG, mostly from the Board but questions or problems from members are also invited (c.f. Art. 8 of the Statutes); some others however are examined upon its own initiative to find new answers. The nature of activities is perhaps best characterised by some of the LWG's recent tasks:

  • Opinion on solving mandate conflicts within IPD3 (joint work with the RAWG)
  • Opinion on ownership of personal data uploaded into the IPD
  • Revision of the SCAPR Model Agreement (joint work with the RAWG)
  • Work to devise a practical guide to the implementation of the WPPT as it relates to the United States and Member States of European Union

Although before put to use, the work product of the LWG must first be endorsed by the Board and then approved by the General Assembly, once it is approved it usually has a rather important impact on the operation of SCAPR.

Cooperation & Development Working Group (CDWG)

The Cooperation and Development Working Group (CDWG) designs and coordinates cooperation activities in certain countries, aiming to support the implementation, development and collective management of performers' rights. Such activities include training sessions, seminars and workshops, among others. The CDWG also elaborates basic documentation with educational purposes on performers' rights and collective management, serving the mentioned objective.

The CDWG is comprised of experts engaged in the promotion and development of performers' rights and their collective management worldwide. Some of its activities can be financed through the "SCAPR Cooperation and Development Fund", which includes voluntary contributions. SCAPR members also contribute to these activities by providing experts for missions, seminars and workshops, organizing training sessions as well as by mentoring new established and developing CMOs. These activities can be developed in cooperation with organisations such as WIPO, AEPO-ARTIS, LATIN-ARTIS, FILAIE, FIM and FIA.

In order to secure results, the CDWG follows up on all the ongoing initiatives, measuring  the results on an annual basis and evaluating further needs.

Every new organisation of performers with the aim of collectively managing performers' rights in the world is welcome to request the support of the SCAPR CDWG for development purposes.

Technical Working Group (TWG)

The Technical Working Group (TWG) is supporting ITC, the Board and SCAPR members in their technical development and has become a useful forum for technicians and distribution responsiblilities of member societies to exchange technical issues. Furthermore, this working group forms subgroups for the specification, realization and supervision of international IT projects within SCAPR.

This working group steers, controls and maintains both IPD and VRDB2 project: regularly analyzes the data quality in IPD and gives advice for the members and users of IPD and collects specifications for improvements of the project; concludes a common data XML model (SDEG) as well as common business cases and workflows from the members' local societies to be adopted in an international repertoire database, VRDB2.

Working on International Identifiers are regularly part of the discussions in the TWG. Developments and changes to international standards, that SCAPR members adhere to, are reported and discussed. Among those identifiers, there are several ISO specifications, ISRC, ISAN, IMAN, ISNI and related projects.

Once the member login is developed SCAPR Members will have access to the SCAPR Intranet