What is SCAPR

SCAPR, the Societies' Council for the Collective Management of Performers' Rights was founded in 1986.

SCAPR is a not-for-profit organisation based in Brussels, Belgium. Operating as an international platform for the development of the practical cooperation between performers' collective management organisations (CMOs), SCAPR strives to improve the exchange of data and performers' rights payments across borders.

As an organisation we represent 62 CMO's from 45 countries.

Our primary aim is to improve the efficiency of management of rights and the conclusion of bilateral agreements.

The organisation develops strategies, formats and administrative systems in relation to collecting and distributing payments to performers'.  SCAPR also develops and manages databases (IPD and VRDB2) and other technical systems housing information on performers and their performances for a more efficient international distribution of the collected payments, under the supervision of its IT Council. SCAPR provides assistance for the exchange of information between CMOs, on such items as administrative procedures, legal proceedings/arbitrations, collecting procedures, published tariffs and distribution schemes.

Board Members

Eanna Casey, Chairman of the Board


Eanna Casey, Chief Executive of the Irish Performers Collection Society, Recording Artists, Actors, Performers Ltd. (R.A.A.P.) (IRELAND) Casey set up R.A.A.P. in 2001 following the introduction of the Irish Copyright and Related Rights Act in 2000. Educated at the University College Dublin with a degree in Economics, Casey was the Political Advisor at the Department of Enterprise Trade and Employment with special responsibility for international trade including Intellectual Property during the passage of the Copyright bill through the Irish legislature.

R.A.A.P. has established itself among the wide international family of Collective Management Organisations and enjoys bilateral agreements with almost every CMO managing Audio Rights. In 2012 Casey was elected to the board of SCAPR at the Bled General Assembly, his goal is to assist in developing the strongest co-operation between CMO’s and ensure that Rights holders globally receive their proper payments.

Xavier Blanch

Xavier Blanc


1985 to 1989 : Lawyer member of the Lyon Bar. Since 1989 : Head of Legal and International Department, SPEDIDAM.Since 1994 : General Secretary of AEPO-ARTIS

Markus Bos

Markus Bos


Since 2011 Markus is Chief Executive of Sena, the Collective Management Organization in The Netherlands, representing the interests of 25.000+ performers and record companies. The significant level of international exchanges with sister organizations abroad form a key success factor for Sena.

During his entire career Markus Bos has been active in de Media and Entertainment industry.

Markus is a graduate in Communication Science from the University in Nijmegen and holds an MBA from the University of Rotterdam. He is treasurer of VOICE (trade organization for Collective Management Organizations in The Netherlands) and Chairman of SCAN, the joint venture of Sena and Buma (Music copyright society). He was elected in the SCAPR board in 2016.

Kaj Christensen

Kaj Christiansen


Kaj Christiansen, Vice President at Gramex DK since 2012, General Manager at Gramex since 1994, in both cases as the Head of Finance, Administration and IT. Since 2002 Project Manager of VRDB until 2012. SCAPR Board member since 2012 and a member of the Joint Board of SCAPR since 2011.Education – Chartered Accountant  


Aleksandar Cvetkovic


Director of one of the youngest CMO in SCAPR, PI. Having completed management and economics studies, he worked as junior consultant and then as executive in a local company specialized in intellectual property rights. Aleksandar joined a team setting up PI, and took a leading role in 2008, as an expert member of the Board. Under his guidance, first private copy remuneration was collected and distributed in Serbia in 2009. Aleksandar helped broker a historical deal with phonogram producers in Serbia, allowing money to be collected and performers to be remunerated for broadcasting, cable, and public performance in 2011 and onwards, for the first time in Serbia.These successes led the Board of PI to elect him director in 2012.

Aleksandar was also instrumental in renewing a PI’s licence in 2012, and helps achieve ever increasing revenues for performers in Serbia year after year.

Tilo Gerlach

Tilo Gerlach


Tilo Gerlach is Managing Director of GVL, the German collective management organisation for performers' rights. GVL was founded in 1959. Tilo Gerlach joined GVL as Legal Counsel in 1996. Since 2001 he is the Managing Director representing GVL’s performing artists. Holding a PhD in Law he is also the President of AEPO-ARTIS (The Association of European Performers' Organisations). He is lecturer in Copyright-Law at Berlin University, author of several books on copyright, neighboring-rights and right of copyright administration.

Michael Huppe

Claudia Cadima


As an actress since 1981, it was in theatre that Claudia Cadima became a professional. Since then, she has participated in a large number of plays, TV-shows, series and films. Since the beginning of her career she has also worked with animated films, both doing voice-over work and as an actors’ director. Furthermore, she is often part of international creative teams for the adaptation of their works in Portuguese. Having taken part in the creation of GDA in Portugal (the performers’ collective management organisation representing musicians, actors and dancers), Claudia Cadima is also member of its Board of Directors. GDA has been a member of SCAPR since 2005.

Stefan Lagrell

Stefan Lagrell


Stefan Lagrell is the Managing Director of the Swedish performers’ rights organisation SAMI (the Swedish Artists’ and Musicians’ Interest Organisation). SAMI was founded in 1963 and has today more than 29,000 members. SAMI was a founding member of SCAPR, IPD and VRDB. Stefan has over 20 years of experience in the music industry, including both the live music sector and record companies. For SCAPR, Stefan serves on the IT-Council. Apart from SCAPR, Stefan is currently a board member of AEPO-ARTIS (Association of European Performers' Organisations), Export Music Sweden and MusikSverige (a cross-industry platform for Swedish organisations in the music business). Stefan joined the SCAPR board in 2012.

Laurie McAllister


With over 12 years’ experience in the production and broadcasting industry, Laurie recently joined ACTRA as Director of ACTRA Performers’ Rights Society (PRS) and ACTRA Recording Artists’ Collecting Society (RACS). In her previous role at Canada’s largest private broadcaster, Laurie managed business and rights issues relating to music, original production, acquired content, and brand partnership initiatives. At ACTRA, Laurie is using her insight and knowledge to ensure audio and audio-visual artists are fairly and transparently compensated for their work. ACTRA PRS and ACTRA RACS collected and disbursed over $20M last year in use fees and royalty payments to performers.


Jose Maria Montes

Jose María Montes, Vice Chairman of the Board


José María holds a Master’s Degree in Law (LLM) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (BBA) from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. In 2006 he was appointed Director of Legal and International Affairs of AISGE, the Spanish Collective Management Organization representing audiovisual performers. With a large experience and an outstanding efficiency, AISGE not only advocates the transparency and fair practices of collective management, including trans-border payments, but is also engaged in the international recognition of performers’ rights.

José María joined the SCAPR Board in 2007, and two years later was elected Vice-Chairman. Since 2008 he is also the Vice-Chairman of the European Association of Performers’ Organizations (AEPO-ARTIS). Furthermore, he is a regular assistant to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in missions, seminars and cooperation & development activities worldwide.

Jose Luis Sevillano

Jose Luis Sevillano


Madrid born José Luis Sevillano graduated as an Engineer in Telecommunications from the Technical University of Madrid. Holding an MBA from the Instituto de Empresa IE, he has since 1984, developed his professional career in the New Technologies area, through his consulting roles in various aspects of telecommunications and computer science. 

Since joining AIE (Spanish Collecting Society for Musician’ rights) in 1994, José Luis has shown himself fully dedicated to advancing the management of artists’ intellectual property rights. To this end, he has been actively involved in the development of systems used in international rights management (Sirex, Grix, IPD). In 1999 he became AIE's General Manager. AIE is now considered one of the most active and advanced in the world in regards to international activity, and is a strong force in the push to develop rights for artists in some Latin- American countries. As a member of various committees formed by the main international organizations of societies of artists, José Luis complements his activities, by his participation in groups of experts in Telecommunications, and its links with DRM content and systems. From 2009 until its closure, he was President of IPDA (International Performers' Database Association) and since 2011 has been a member of the Board of ISNI (International Standard Numbering Identifier). 

As a member of the SCAPR Board since 2012, he has chaired the Information Technology Committee (ITC) from its foundation.

Gregor Stiberni

Gregor Štibernik


Having obtained a degree from University of Ljubljana in the Slovenian capital, Gregor began his career at IPF in 2005 when he was elected as a board member (he is an ex-musician and in the 90’s he was a member of a very popular Slovenian folk band). In the following year he was appointed as the general manager of IPF and in 2010 he was asked by the actors to run their newly established society AIPA, as well. Beside that he is very active in other guilds and unions: he is currently a Board member of SIGIC (Slovenian Music Information Centre), and he was the General Secretary of Slovenian Phonogram Producers’ Association from 2008 up to 2011. Furthermore, he is very active in the region of Western Balkans as an expert, appointed by the European Patent Office. His focus is on practical experience in collective management, especially in setting up the functioning and operational system of enforcement of copyright and related rights. He works closely with the Patent offices as well as the Ministries of Culture in Serbia, Montenegro, FYROM, Kosovo and Albania.

IT Council

SCAPR has developed several tools over the years and as a result the mission of the Information Technology Council (ITC) is to ensure the IT governance which contributes to the efficiency of collective management organizations (CMO’s) in administering performers’ rights. The ITC reports to the Board about on-going projects and any technical issues which may hinder the cross border payments of SCAPR members. The ITC is made up of 3 SCAPR Board members and two members elected from the SCAPR membership at large. The ITC works very closely with SCAPR's Technical Working Group (TWG).

The main tools developed and managed by the ITC, so far, are the International Performers' Database (IPD), and the Virtual Recording Database (VRDB2). The ITC also participates in several technical related projects such as IMR, ISNI, ISAN, SDEG and WIPOCOS. An outline of some of these projects can be seen under Tools/Projects.

General Assembly

Each year SCAPR holds a General Assembly for all of its’ members and invited Observers to discuss the activities and priorities of SCAPR and share information on issues and activities related to improving international co-operation for the benefit of collective management of performers’ rights. The next General Assembly will be held May 24-27, 2016 in Toronto, Canada. Any organization involved in the collective management of performers' rights can request an invitation to attend the General Assembly as an Observer by contacting the SCAPR Secretariat.


Rémy Desrosiers

Managing Director

Rémy has joined SCAPR in June 2016 as Managing Director. After a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Finance from the Paris Pantheon-Assas University, he has worked in the Finance industry for 15 years where he had the opportunity to deal with risk assessment, client development and operation management.

He was then appointed as Country Manager of a Belgian subsidiary of an international banking organization where during 5 years he dealt with strategy definition, budget preparation, financial reporting & controlling, corporate housekeeping, compliance, people and change management.

Rémy benefits also from a strong background with multicultural organizations. He had in charge strategic IT and Legal projects with stakeholders from various countries with the goal to ensure the sustainability of the operations and the development of the business.

Isabel Marcano

Isabel Marcano

Bi-lateral Agreements Co-ordinator

With a degree in Business Administration at Alcala de Henares University, Madrid, Isabel has been devoted for over 11 years to developing the International Department at AIE (Spanish Collecting Society for Musician’ rights), promoting the signature of bilateral agreements and playing an active role on building up standards tools and procedures to assist in the cooperation between CMO’s and increasing cross-border payments. Isabel has developed strong relationship between the SCAPR organizations and she is willing to help out on the defense of Right holders’ rights.

Julio Cesar Alvarez

Julio César Alvarez

IT Co-ordinator

Julio César Alvarez is managing the new VRDB project along with IT matters relating to SCAPR. He holds a degree in Computer Science, a post grade in Industrial Engineering, an Executive MBA from the Instituto de Empresa-IE, a Diploma in International Relationships from the Diplomatic School and a professional PMP certificate by PMI. He has acquired a valuable experience in the following industries: collective rights management, music distribution, manufacturing, transportation, insurance and banking, having led the IPD4-International Performers Database V4 project in 2012 for IPDA. He has worked for different international IT firms since 1989, assuming responsibilities as member of their Executive Boards, Organization-Risk-Quality director, subdirector of Consulting divisions, Ops. Manager, MIS director, Global and IT Risk manager, IT strategic consultant or ISO Standards compliance responsible.

Clémence Roux

Administration and Communications Assistant

Clémence joined SCAPR’ office in January 2016. After a Bachelor in Sociology in Lille (France) she obtained a Master’s degree in Intercultural Relations and International Cooperation. During her Master’s degree she collaborated with the Alliance Française in Caracas, Venezuela, and the French Embassy in Porto Alegre, Brasil. She worked six years as a cultural manager for theater and circus’ companies in France and Belgium.

With her administrative and communications experience she will be providing information to the SCAPR members and support to the Board and the SCAPR Secretariat.


Once the member login is developed SCAPR Members will have access to the SCAPR Intranet