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Eligibility for membership is set out here in the SCAPR statutes.  SCAPR members have also to comply with the Code of Conduct.

Membership in SCAPR

Collective Management Organisation worldwide can apply to SCAPR membership. After approval by the Board and General Assembly of the organisation, this gives the member direct access to the SCAPR Secretariat providing support, model agreements and input into SCAPR’s legal, rights administration and co-operation and development working groups. There are two levels of membership within SCAPR itself, Associated and Ordinary. Associated membership is a limited form of membership allowing members to participate on a non-voting basis, and is designed for CMOs in their early stages of development. A CMO can only remain as an Associated member for a maximum period of five years, during which time they should have progressed to meet the minimum standards required in the SCAPR statutes to obtain Ordinary membership. As Ordinary member, CMOs have full voting rights and must participate in the SCAPR Platform Databases, IPD and VRDB.

Access to SCAPR databases is allowed only to SCAPR members.

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